xSNMP Reports 1.1.1 Now Available!

The xSNMP Reports version 1.1.1 package is now available at manage-x.net.   This suite of management pack adds value to the xSNMP suite by implementing OpsMgr reports for data collected by performance rules in the xSNMP management packs.   Reporting management packs included are:

  • xSNMP for APC Reports
  • xSNMP for APC NetBotz Reports
  • xSNMP for Brocade Reports
  • xsNMP for Check Point Secure Platform Reports
  • xSNMP for Cisco Reports
  • xSNMP for Data Domain Reports
  • xSNMP for Dell PowerEdge Reports
  • xSNMP for HP ProCurve Reports
  • xSNMP for IBM AIX Reports
  • xSNMP for Juniper Networks Reports
  • xSNMP for Juniper-NetScreen Reports
  • xSNMP for NetApp Reports
  • xSNMP for Net-SNMP Reports
  • xSNMP for SonicWALL Reports

Requirements are:   OpsMgr 2007 R2, xSNMP suite, OpsMgr reporting implementation.   Like the xSNMP suite, the reports MP’s are licensed with the GNU-GPL and unsealed versions are provided.


About Kristopher Bash
Kris is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, working on UNIX and Linux management features in Microsoft System Center. Prior to joining Microsoft, Kris worked in systems management, server administration, and IT operations for nearly 15 years.

5 Responses to xSNMP Reports 1.1.1 Now Available!

  1. James says:

    Hi – this is awesome, thanks!.
    I imported the reports MPs (Cisco Report MP) today and when running the report it’s returning an error that the item /xSNMP.Reports/xSNMP.Reports.Report.InterfaceThroughput cannot be found. Seems the MP hasn’t copied to my reporting server. Any suggestions?

  2. Jean-Baptiste says:

    Great news!can’t wait to test it!


  3. Paul Bendall says:

    Does your work cover the Ironport devices that are now part of Cisco? If not do you intend to add functionallity in the future?

    Many thanks


  4. Heimir says:

    Hi all
    I have been testing out this management pack, and everything looks great, but there is one problem i have.
    The management pack does not find my tunnel interfaces, and therefore i cannot monitor the state of my tunnels.
    Does anybody know how to monitor tunnels (tunnel up/down, speed etc) with this management pack.

  5. Bas says:

    I would love to get the Brocade MP working.
    If monitoring is on, it will never show interfaces go down.
    This is because when I pull a fiber the ifAdminStatus also goes down.
    The xSNMP documentation tells me it’s not monitored if the ifAdminStatus is down.
    This seems logical to do but makes it useless at this point.
    Because the FC switch doesn’t works this way.
    I hope this ifAdminStatus check can be removed to get it working.


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