xSNMP Verions 1.1.1(Alpha) Available Now!

I have posted the 1.1.1 (Alpha) version of the xSNMP suite at manage-x.net.   While the updates in this release are relatively minor in nature, I would still consider this to be an early test copy of this version and deploy in test environments before production.  The abbreviated change log for this release is:

New Management Packs:

  • xSNMP for APC NetBotz Management Pack
  • xSNMP for IBM AIX
  • xSNMP for Juniper Networks Management Pack
  • xSNMP for SonicWALL Management Pack

New Features:

  • Added support for monitoring of Net-SNMP Extend objects (xSNMP for Net-SNMP Management Pack)
  • Added a three state monitor for Net-SNMP Exec objects(xSNMP for Net-SNMP Management Pack)
  • New Cisco Firewall Subsystem monitoring for PIX and ASA firewalls
  • Added new data sources to the xSNMP MP to decrease data source redundancy
  • Individual inbound/outbound speeds can now be set through the Speed Override discovery in the xSNMP MP
  • All views are now publically accessible

Issues Resolved:

  • Fixed an uncommon issue with network interface utilization calculations
    that could result in invalid values being calculated if a previous poll returned null data
  • Updated the list of Device OID’s for APC UPS devices to include missing UPS models
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect OID specified for HP Proliant SCSI (IDA) storage health monitoring
  • Fixed an issue with the Cisco Default Gateway Changed alert-generating rule

About Kristopher Bash
Kris is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, working on UNIX and Linux management features in Microsoft System Center. Prior to joining Microsoft, Kris worked in systems management, server administration, and IT operations for nearly 15 years.

4 Responses to xSNMP Verions 1.1.1(Alpha) Available Now!

  1. Vincent says:

    One of the most usefull Community Management Packs out there!

    I see a few fixes that applied for me. I just wonder if I should install this in a production enviroment since it’s “alpha”. I now use 1.1.0 (Beta) and that one is really stable.

    Can we expect a “beta/rtm” version in a few weeks time? If so, I’ll wait.

    • Kristopher Bash says:

      If you do not have a test environment available, I would recommend waiting a bit longer. I am waiting for any potential bug reports with this release currently. Thanks

  2. cornasdf says:

    I am investigating this MP and extending it to EMC and LHN. I have two questions:
    1. Is there a forum area for this mp? I think a lot of people would be available to help each other setup and use this mp.
    2. Before going too far down the path of trying to build a real MP, can you think of any reason it shouldn’t work? I assume as you have MPs for proliants and such it doesn’t actually have to be a network component?


  3. Diane says:

    Hi, Kris,
    Can you give a bit more detail as to what OS versions, such as Solaris 9, did you test the xSNMP Sun MP against as well as the SNMP configuration for the servers? We have been unable to successfully get the monitoring to work on Solaris 10.

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