SCOM: An SSRS Custom Report for SNMP Device Performance Data Collected by Rules

While the SCOM Reporting implementation provides a great set of reports out of the box, there are a number of custom reports which I have found useful to develop.   The report described here is one to report on aggregated hourly performance counters collected on SNMP Network Devices.


First up, the queries:

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“Must Have” SCOM Monitors – Long Running SQL Block Detection

Marios Philippopoulos did a great job  with an article on monitoring long-running SQL blocks with SCOM 2007 at    The article:  Monitoring Database Blocking Through SCOM 2007 Custom Rules and Alerts (  provides a set of scripts for detecting (and display vital information about) long-running blocks in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 as well as a walkthrough on configuring the SCOM elements for alerting.  This is an absolute life-saver and can really cut down on troubleshooting time when dealing with application issues caused by problematic SQL blocking.

The only customizations I’ve made to this monitoring configuration when implementing are some changes to the SQL script to tune the block duration threshold as well as increase the size of some of the type definitions in the temp table to allow for longer command name output.

I’d highly recommend this article to anyone using SCOM to monitor SQL Server.