Operations Manager Releases

In case you missed it…

Operations Manager 2012 Beta


Operations Manager 2012 Beta is available.   Exciting new features for UNIX/Linux monitoring include:

  • Discovery Wizard:  All new Discovery Wizard, making it easier to deploy and discover UNIX and Linux agents
  • Sudo support:  Privileged operations (monitoring and agent maintenance) can now be performed without root privileges by using a non-privileged credential and sudo elevation.
  • SSH Key support:  Agent maintenance operations (via SSH) can be authenticated with an SSH key instead of password
  • High Availability for UNIX/Linux agent monitoring:   Resource Pools implement highly-available UNIX/Linux monitoring with automatic failover and load distribution.
  • RHEL 6 and AIX 7.1 support

Operations Manager 2007 R2 CU5


Operations Manager 2007 R2 Cumulative Update 5 is also now available.   Fixes for UNIX/Linux monitoring include:

  • Performance data for LVM managed volumes not available
  • Process monitoring does not keep name if run by using symbolic link
  • AIX with large number of running processes crashes with bad alloc

CU5 also implements RHEL 6 support for Operations Manager 2007 R2.