xSNMP Management Packs – Beta Version 1.0.8 Release

After many weeks of development efforts and testing, I have made the latest beta version of the xSNMP Management Packs available for download.   Before getting into any more detail, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the invaluable help provided by some of the volunteers who tested these management packs through all stages of development.  Many thanks in particular to Chris and Davey, who played a huge role in every stage of the development of the xSNMP MP’s.   Many thanks also to Gary and Björn for their great help in testing the MP’s.  

The included documentation covers recommendations for deployment and configuration as well as the details of the management packs.  Additional information about performance considerations in large SNMP monitoring environments can be found in this previous post.   At present, the following management packs are included in this suite, and more are currently in the works.

  • xSNMP Management Pack – Implements filtered discovery and monitoring of SNMP devices and interfaces that support the standard RFC1213 MIB, IF-MIB, and EtherLike-MIB.  This management pack is the core of the xSNMP Suite and contains public datasources that are utilized in the other optional management packs.
  • xSNMP Overrides Management Pack – This unsealed management pack can be used as a container for overrides, but also provides preconfigured groups and overrides for easily controlling interface monitoring through groups of network interfaces.
  • xSNMP APC Managment Pack – Implements monitoring for APC Rackmount PDU, UPS, Automatic Transfer Switch, and Environmental Monitor devices.
  • xSNMP Brocade Management Pack – Implements chassis monitoring for Brocade Fibre-Channel switch devices (Fibre-Channel ports are monitored as network interfaces with the xSNMP MP).
  • xSNMP Check Point Secure Platform Management Pack – Implements module health and firewall HA failover monitoring for Check Point Secure Platform firewall devices.
  • xSNMP Cisco Management Pack – Implements additional monitoring for Cisco devices, primarily including chassis hardware moniotring for devices that support the EnvMon MIB, Entity-MIB, or Cisco-Stack MIB.
  • xSNMP Data Domain Management Pack – Implements monitoring for the performance, hardware status, and replication status of Data Domain Restorer storage appliances.
  • xSNMP HP ProCurve Management Pack – Implements component health monitoring for HP ProCurve switches and wireless access points.
  • xSNMP HP Proliant Management Pack – Implements hardware health monitoring for SNMP-enabled HP servers that support the Proliant Insight Management Agents.
  • xSNMP Net-SNMP Management Pack  – Implements operating system monitoring for Net-SNMP agent devices, such as UNIX/Linux servers through the UCD and Host-Resources MIBs. 
  • xSNMP Syslog Management Pack – Provides  warning and critical alert generating rules that can be enabled and filtered with overrides to alert on incoming syslog messages from discovered SNMP devices.

Feedback is, of course, welcomed.