xSNMP Verions 1.1.1(Alpha) Available Now!

I have posted the 1.1.1 (Alpha) version of the xSNMP suite at manage-x.net.   While the updates in this release are relatively minor in nature, I would still consider this to be an early test copy of this version and deploy in test environments before production.  The abbreviated change log for this release is:

New Management Packs:

  • xSNMP for APC NetBotz Management Pack
  • xSNMP for IBM AIX
  • xSNMP for Juniper Networks Management Pack
  • xSNMP for SonicWALL Management Pack

New Features:

  • Added support for monitoring of Net-SNMP Extend objects (xSNMP for Net-SNMP Management Pack)
  • Added a three state monitor for Net-SNMP Exec objects(xSNMP for Net-SNMP Management Pack)
  • New Cisco Firewall Subsystem monitoring for PIX and ASA firewalls
  • Added new data sources to the xSNMP MP to decrease data source redundancy
  • Individual inbound/outbound speeds can now be set through the Speed Override discovery in the xSNMP MP
  • All views are now publically accessible

Issues Resolved:

  • Fixed an uncommon issue with network interface utilization calculations
    that could result in invalid values being calculated if a previous poll returned null data
  • Updated the list of Device OID’s for APC UPS devices to include missing UPS models
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect OID specified for HP Proliant SCSI (IDA) storage health monitoring
  • Fixed an issue with the Cisco Default Gateway Changed alert-generating rule