Development Updates

While this blog has been a bit quiet lately, it has not been for lack of efforts.   In the next two weeks, a minor update to the xSNMP suite should be ready with a few bug-fixes and feature improvements.    This update will also include three new management packs:

  • xSNMP  for Juniper Networks
  • xSNMP for SonicWALL
  • xSNMP for APC NetBotz

We’re still finishing up testing and fine-tuning on the Oracle Unix/Linux MP as well.

These updates will be described in more detail here and available for download on soon.


About Kristopher Bash
Kris is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, working on UNIX and Linux management features in Microsoft System Center. Prior to joining Microsoft, Kris worked in systems management, server administration, and IT operations for nearly 15 years.

4 Responses to Development Updates

  1. Steve Burkett says:

    Awesome! Our NetBotz will be pleased!

    Any chance of a brief walkthrough on how you created one of these specialised MP’s using the base xSNMP MP so that we might get some hints on how we can go about creating our own for other hardware?

  2. Brian says:

    I agree with Steve……..these MPs you are building are awesome.

    Also, a walkthrough on how to create these MPs would be great.

  3. Kristopher Bash says:

    Steve and Brian, these are points well taken. I’ve been meaning to work on an xSNMP development guide and will do so. I’ll probably do it in a few installments, perhaps starting with adding a custom monitor, and then going back to building an xSNMP MP from scratch. Thanks for your comments.

    • John Bradshaw says:

      Hi Kris,
      Looking forward to the new releases. i can’t tell you how many times the xSNMP MP has alerted us to DELL Hardware faults and saved my bacon!!
      Also, can I assume that how you write the xSNMP MP can be used somehow to get extra info from printers, like Ink levels, Out of paper and so on?
      thx very much,
      John Bradshaw

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