SCOM PowerShell Script for Maintenance Mode by IP address match

The web seems to bring us a seemingly endless supply of PowerShell scripts for manipulating maintenance mode in SCOM 2007.   I had occasion to write yet another maintenance mode script recently and thought it may be worth throwing out there.   This one will put objects (Windows Servers) in maintenance mode when the agent IP address matches a string.  This script can be useful to schedule maintenance mode when a remote site will be taken down for maintenance or patching.

#Connect to the RMS server and initialize the command shell
add-pssnapin “Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client”;
Set-Location “OperationsManagerMonitoring::”;
$mgConn = New-ManagementGroupConnection -connectionString:$rmsServerName;
if($mgConn -eq $null)
 [String]::Format(“Failed to connect to RMS on ‘{0}'”,$rmsServerName);
Set-Location $rmsServerName;

#Set up maintenance mode variables
$time = [DateTime]::Now

$class=get-monitoringclass | where {$_.displayname -eq “Windows Server”}

Function StartMM($agent){
 $objMon=get-monitoringobject -ID $
 write-host “Starting Maintenance Mode for: ” $objMon.displayname
 New-MaintenanceWindow -MonitoringObject $objMon -Comment “Suppressing IP network with a script” -StartTime $time -EndTime $time.AddMinutes($nMinutes)

get-agent |where {$_.IPAddress -like “192.168.1.*”} | ForEach-Object   {StartMM $_}
get-agent |where {$_.IPAddress -like “192.168.2.*”} | ForEach-Object   {StartMM $_}

To end maintenance mode, just a few slight modifications to the main body of the script:

#Set up maintenance mode variables
$time = [DateTime]::Now.AddMinutes(3)
write-host $time
$time = [DateTime]::Now.AddMinutes(5)

$class=get-monitoringclass | where {$_.displayname -eq “Windows Server”}

Function EndMM($agent){
 $objMon=get-monitoringobject -ID $
 write-host “Ending Maintenance Mode for: ” $objMon.displayname
  Set-maintenancewindow -EndTime $time -monitoringobject $objmon

get-agent |where {$_.IPAddress -like “192.168.1.*”} | ForEach-Object   {EndMM $_}
get-agent |where {$_.IPAddress -like “192.168.2.*”} | ForEach-Object   {EndMM $_}

A creative use for this script behind the cut:

Further Use:  If a remote site is behind an unreliable WAN connection, and agent heartbeat alerts as well as other inter-network dependent functions are throwing excessive alerts when the WAN link drops, this script can be used to drop the nodes into Maintenance Mode in response to an outage on the WAN link.  To do this, add the remote WAN router (or a switch behind the routers) as an SNMP Network Device.  Configure the SNMP status monitoring for the device.  Set up a group for the device or devices that indicate an outage on the remote site, then create two Command Notifications – one to put nodes in maintenance mode and one to end maintenance mode, a pair of notification recipients, and finally two notification subscriptions – one that runs the maintenance mode command notification when the infrastructure device goes down, and one that runs the end maintenance mode command notification when the infrastructure device comes back online.


About Kristopher Bash
Kris is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, working on UNIX and Linux management features in Microsoft System Center. Prior to joining Microsoft, Kris worked in systems management, server administration, and IT operations for nearly 15 years.

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